Next Club Night is Friday ???? 2021

The 2021 Events list will be updated once the Covid restrictions have been lifted.

If you would like your event advertised on our website for 2022? Please get in touch.

                          Club Meetings in 2021

                       September 24th ????
                       October 29th    ??????
                       November 26th ??????
                                          Club Meetings in 2022
                                     January 29th ?
                                     February 26th ?
                                     March 26th ?
                                     April 30th ?
                       Events in 2021 Confirmed

Fawley show Aug 28th
                                          Wallop gathering Aug 29th 
                                          CTP Commercial Road run Sept 5th
                                          Longstock rally Sept 11th & 12th
                                          Berwick St John Bash Sept 18th
                                          Burley Show Oct 2nd & 3rd